Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Decorators

If you own or run a bar, restaurant or hotel that needs some decorating work undertaken then we’d love to speak to you. We’ve literally decorated hundreds of bars, restaurants and hotels since we started the business.

We appreciate that in business, time is money and if your establishment is not able to operate due to essential decorating work being undertaken then it is in effect costing you money. This is where Finishing Touch Decorating can help with our ‘Out of Hours’ service.

We have in the past for many clients worked at times that suits their business’s needs, this may involve working through the night or operating double shifts to ensure that the work gets completed quickly (within an agreed time frame).

We can also suggest the right materials for you to use such as quick drying paint, which helps you get your business back up and running after we have completed our work.

To find out more about the services we can offer to our commercial customers please call us on 01355 520304.