External Commercial Painters

We are well versed in the requirements of external painting. Quite often external painting can also involve working at height and we have a great deal of understanding of how best to go about this and how to get the best results for the client.

Often we can be at the mercy of the weather when undertaking external decorating work and again this is where our ability to be flexible with clients comes in, because if there is a change in the weather we will always look to accommodate a client in order to help fit the work into a ‘window of opportunity’ that the weather allows.

We also know the best materials to use to help our clients get the best results. All too often substandard materials can be used for external decorating work, however we believe that this is a false economy as the paint job will not last as long as it should and you will incur additional costs to bring in the decorators again to re-do the paint job.  At Finishing Touch Decorating we never compromise on the quality of our workmanship or the materials we use, always using the right materials for the right job.

To find out more about the services we can offer to our commercial customers please call us on 01355 520304.